Do you accept walk-ins or should I book before coming?

We advise you to make a booking to guarantee your spot. However, if you do pass by without a reservation, we will try to accommodate you by giving you the next free spot. So to avoid waiting, please reserve a slot. We would love to see you!
You should also know that when you arrive for your reservation, we will ask you to sanitize your hands and take off your shoes at the door. Our cats’ health is precious, so we try to minimize the amount of contaminants coming into their environment. If you dislike walking barefoot, please make sure to wear socks for the day.

Can I bring my cat to the Café so that he could make new friends?

Cats are very fond of their personal space. Bringing in your own cat would pose a threat to that space and would likely make your cat very uncomfortable as well. Also, cats can transfer viruses even if they’re not sick if they are carriers.
Due to these reasons, all outside cats are strictly prohibited from entering the Cat Café. We want our cats and your pet cats as happy and safe as possible. So to avoid any transfer of diseases or fights, please keep your furry friends at home when you visit us.

I’m leaving for vacation; can I leave my cat at the Café until I return?

We are honored to know that you happy with the way we care for our own cats to have you consider boarding your cat at our café. However, aside of the issues presented in the first question, we are legally not allowed to accept cats from customers. Regulations on pet boarding facilities are completely different.
Therefore, please understand that we cannot accept your cats when you travel. There are different pet hotels in Kuwait. Pet boarding is also offered in some veterinary hospitals.

Can I bring my children with me?

Gatwa W Gahwa Cat Café is a family friendly environment! Provided that the kids have adult supervision, they are more than welcome to come and make new friends in our café. If your children are younger than 7, please contact us to help us give your children the best experience possible.
Gatwa W Gahwa is a highly educational and interactive experience for your young animal lovers! Please do not forget to accompany your kid to ensure the safety of your kid and our cats.

Hello, I have a cat I’d like to get rid of. Can I drop it off at the Café for you to take care of?

No, we cannot accept your cats. Gatwa W Gahwa is not at all an animal shelter or a rescue group. While we applaud the work of the individuals and groups specializing in that, we do not have the facilities nor the personnel needed to be a shelter.
Our main mission is community enrichment, education, helping animal welfare in Kuwait. Please consider that we are legally obligated to not accept any outside cats. If you need to surrender your animal, please contact local animal shelters or rescue groups.

Are all the cats at the Café vaccinated?

Yes, all of our cats have been vaccinated and neutered/spayed. In addition to that, we try to keep our cats illness-free by giving them regular checkups by professional veterinarians.

Do I have to do anything in particular before entering the Cat Café?

When you arrive for your reservation, you will be asked to thoroughly sanitize your hands and take of your shoes at the door. All the café’s rules will be explained to you when you arrive.
Our cats’ health is a precious thing to us, so we try to minimize the amount of contaminants coming into their environment. If you dislike walking barefoot, please make sure to wear socks for the day.