Hi! I have a cat of my own. Can I bring my cat to the Café so that he could make new friends?

Cats are very territorial creatures.
If you bring an unknown cat into a place where a group of cats have established themselves, then they may see the outside cat as a threat and attack them. Which for obvious reasons is never a good thing.
Then there is always the risk that outside cats may bring diseases with them.
To prevent this from happening, all outside cats are strictly forbidden from entering the Cat Café.

I’m leaving for vacation; can I leave my cat at the Café until I return?

Please look at the first question.
Go ahead, take a moment to soak it in.
Did you figure out the answer?
If not, please take a quick look around yourself. Can you see any a books nearby, preferably one with a hard cover? You do! Great! Please as quickly as you can go and pick the book up, hold it with a firm grip in both hands and smack yourself in the face. Really hard.
Just in case I haven’t my point obvious, let me clarify; Cats do not interact with unknown cats well, therefore we cannot accept any of your cats for any length of time.
So, no, we’re not a Pet Hotel.

Can I bring my children with me?

We at the Cat Café pride ourselves on being a family friendly environment so its only naturally that we would welcome children to our Café, however we do have certain limitation.
Children aged 8 & above are welcome to the Cat Café at any time.
Children below the age of 8 are only allowed at the Cat Café on Saturdays, which is the designated Children’s Day.
These restricts were created with the safety of both the cats and children in mind.
Children, being what they are, may not be able to fully comprehend on the properly way to handle a cat despite explaining to them how, and can easily end up hurting them.
For this reason we always make sure to have several volunteers who are experienced with handling both children and cats at the Café on Saturdays, to help instruct and watch over the kids as they interact with our cats.
Please note that the Café is not a Daycare Center; All children must be supervised by an accompanying adult.

Hello, I have a cat I’d like to get rid of. Can I drop it off at the Café for you to take care of?

No! Definitely not!
Gatwa W Gahwa is not in any shape or form an animal shelter, nor do we pretend to be one.
We are first and foremost a Cat Café and while all of our cats are up for adoption, the Café itself is not legally allowed to accept surrendered cats. So please do not bring your cats to us, no matter how cute, cuddle or adorable they are, as we will be legaly forced to turn them away
If you wish to surrender your cat then please contact a local animal shelter, or look for a family willing to adopt it.

Are all the cats at the Café vaccinated?

All our cats have been regular vaccinated and neutered at the Royal Animal Hospital. In addition, they are being regularly checked up by professional veterinarians.

Do I have to do anything in particular before entering the Cat Café?

Cats can get sick very easily.
To prevent from happening we require all guest to remove their shoes and sanitize their hands before entering.
So if you’re the type to dislike walking around barefooted, please be sure to wear a pair of socks and shoes before coming instead of sandals.
But don’t worry if you forget your socks. We at the Cat Café are against discrimination of all kinds and welcome all bare footed people equally, no matter how hairy your toes are.

Do you accept walk-ins or should I book before coming?

If it was up to us we’d accept everyone that drop by the Café.
Unfortunately, we are a fairly small Café with a limited amount of room so its not an unusual occurrence for us to run out of room to let people in.
It is why we highly recommend that all guests make a reservation before coming so that we may guarantee you a place.
When is the best time to visit the Cats?
Our cats are most active during the morning and early afternoon. So if you’d like to meet them when they’re at the most awake that’s the time to do it.